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Product description

Origin: Abate Fétel x Cascade. It was crossed, selected and developed at the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Bologna by Drs. Stefano Musacchi, Dr. Vincenzo Ancarani, Dr. Silvierio Sansavini.

Harvest date: Third 10th of August/first 10th of September (Emilia Romagna

Tree: Moderate intensity, low compatibility with quince rootstocks

Mode of fruiting: On 2-year-old branches and 1-year-old shoots. Late flowering

Fruit: Attractive, good aesthetic characteristics, large size (over 200 g) and elongated pear shape (like A. Fetel).

Skin: Smooth with a bright red color on 90% of the surface. Small freckles and light rusting in the cap and stem area (20% of the surface).

Flesh: White, crisp, juicy flesh with medium fine texture, well-balanced flavor, slightly aromatic.

Good storage in a cold room at -1°C (about 6 months) without special care against internal browning.

Bare root plant, grafted on Adams rootstock.