Soft Seed 3 ™ (seedless)

  • Soft Seed 3 ™ (seedless)
  • Soft Seed 3 ™ (seedless)
  • Soft Seed 3 ™ (seedless)

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Βάρος: 3.00 Kg

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Product description

Pomegranate with soft seeds is becoming more and more popular in the world market.

Soft Seed 3 ™ with soft transparent seed (seedless) has large, bright red fruits of 300g and thin skin. When almost ripe, the fruit gradually turns from yellowish green to red. When fully ripe, the crown of the fruit turns dark red, very pleasing to the eye. The fruit has a sweet taste and excellent quality, it ripens very early (beginning to mid-September) and has good storage capacity and large sizes of deep red pimples. The most important feature is that the seeds are soft and edible, suitable for the elderly and children. No more spitting guts.

Soft Seed no3 ™ is also one of the softest seed varieties in the world. An advantage is the bright red color of its pimples before it is fully ripe with the skin still yellowish.

Its origin hides a genetic mystery. Possibly a clone of Acco, although other sources cite Tunisia as the country of origin.

Aspermo means seedless (in practice it is very small transparent and so soft that you don't feel it in your mouth).