Juwel 80 days (early Spunta)

  • Juwel 80 days (early Spunta)

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Product code: JUW

Βάρος: 25.00 Kg

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Product description

- very early table potato variety -


  • cooking type B, fine taste, no discoloration after cooking,
  • starch content low, easily washable,
  • low sensitivity to mechanical damage,
  • suitable for early harvesting
  • medium dormancy


  • medium number of tubers, big, regular calibration
  • very high marketable yield


  • nematodes: Ro 1,4
  • y-virus (PVY): high
  • potato leaf roll virus (PLRV): medium
  • late blight (phytophtora inf.): medium
  • black leg (erwinia spp.): high
  • common scab (streptom. scabies): high

tuber: oval to long-oval, skin yellow, light, smooth, shallow eyes, light yellow flesh colour

plant: rapid development and foliage cover, high number of red violet flowers

agronomic advice: Seed tubers of JUWEL should be presprouted. As a precaution a seed treatment against rhizoctonia is recommended. JUWEL should be planted in rows allowing 28-30 cm between tubers and 75 cm between rows in a well prepared seedbed. JUWEL needs normal fertilization. Due to a good tolerance to late blight, spraying intervals can be less than average, if the first treatment occurred before rows overgrown.

By planting JUWEL you can get early very high marketable yields with big tubers and a regular calibration.