Sevim 135 days 3/2/2023

  • Sevim 135 days 3/2/2023

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Product code: SVM

Βάρος: 25.00 Kg

Availability: Immediate shipment of order


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Product description

- late variety, uniform large sized grading -


  • cooking type B
  • no discoloration after cooking
  • starch content medium
  • very good suitable for production of french fries after harvest
  • low sensitvity to mechanical damage
  • internal defects and black spots


  • very high marketable yield
  • large sized grading variety
  • if desiccation is not in time




  • nematodes: Ro 1,3,4,5
  • y-virus (PVY): very high
  • potato leaf roll (PLRV): medium
  • late blight: very high
  • black leg: very high
  • common scab: high


tuber: oval, shallow eyes, yellow skin, yellow flesh color


plant: tall, very strong, white color rapid development and foliage cover


agronomic advice: SEVIM can be produced on all types of soil seed treatment against rhizoctonia is recommend. SEVIM should be planted for the production of french fries in rows allowing 34-36 cm between tubers. SEVIM is not sensitive to metribuzin. N-supply up to 140kg N is recommended. Due to a good tolerance to late blight spraying intervals can be less than average