Rubus arcticus Marika™

  • Rubus arcticus Marika™
  • Rubus arcticus Marika™

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Product description

Arctic Raspberry 'Marika' is a low-growing, clumping, thornless raspberry with attractive deep pink flowers in May/June, followed by pineapple-scented red berries.

This blackberry is preferred not only for its delicious fruit but also for its ornamental value. Its pretty pink flowers contrast beautifully with its dark green leaves.

Location: sunny-semi-shady

Soil: prefers loose, moist, acidic, peaty, sandy clay soil

Self fertile! It fits Beata perfectly.

Fruits: July-September, yellow-brown-reddish, 10-12 mm, sweet, aromatic, edible

Use: immediate consumption, jelly, jam, compote, juice, wine, liqueur, tea leaves, etc.

A completely hardy plant that grows in autumn and regrows in spring.