• Rosemary

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Product description

Evergreen shrub, thick-leaved and multi-branched with fast growth and a final height of 2m.

It has silver-green, needle-like leaves with a strong aroma and blooms from February to October, with blue-white flowers. The upper surface of the leaves is dark green in color and the lower surface is slightly fluffy with a white or faint grayish color. The flowers are found in groups and come out in the axils of the leaves.

The shoots have a pleasant aroma similar to that of tea, and their taste is slightly bitter and a little hot. It is a plant resistant to drought, calcareous or stony soils, salinity and air pollution. There are also creeping varieties (creeping rosemary), of particular ornamental value. It is used in pharmaceuticals, and in horticulture for planting rock gardens, on sloping lands and also for edging.