• Spearmint

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The shoots in spearminy have an upright growth and can reach 70-100 cm in height. Its leaves are serrated, with embossed ribs and without a stalk. It grows in most soils, while it thrives in fertile soils with enough organic matter and good drainage.

It is planted in semi-shady or sunny places, it can withstand heat but not cold. So in the winter it withers and in the spring it reappears. It blooms from June to early autumn, but the flowers should be removed to allow new leaves to grow.

Mint is propagated by seed but very easily also by dividing the plant. That is, a part of the plant is uprooted and replanted in another location or pot.

In the garden, mint can occupy as much space as is available to it. Roots can be formed from the buds of the shoots that touch the ground, causing the mint to spread.

Apart from garden beds, mint can be grown in the vegetable garden or in pots and planters on the balcony, terrace or inside the house (e.g. in the kitchen) as long as it has enough light, good ventilation and regular watering.