• Thyme

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It blooms from spring to summer.

The most suitable place for thyme is the one with a lot of sun.


It is resistant to heat and cold, withstands temperatures up to -25 °C.


It thrives in soils with moderate fertility and good drainage, with a neutral or slightly acidic Ph.


You can plant it in rock and stone gardens, in planters and pots, either as an ornamental plant or to use in cooking.

You should water thyme when the soil is dry. After you plant it, it needs enough water for the first few days. It would be good to water 1 to 2 times a week, at most. Thyme does not tolerate moisture. So that its roots do not rot, the waters must not stagnate.

Prune the thyme to maintain its shape. Then you can dry what you have pruned.


It has no particular requirements for fertilization, a complete and balanced fertilizer in the spring, once a year is enough.

It is propagated by seed, division and cuttings.

If you want to plant it in a pot, add gravel or pumice to the soil, so that it has good drainage.
You can use thyme for ground cover where you need it. Because it is a creeping shrub and spreads on the ground, it is ideal