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Table white XL. Vibrant variety, productive, usually bears 2 grapes on each fruiting shoot. It is trained in all three training systems (cup, linear and crib), with similar productive behavior. In recent years it has mainly been formed bilaterally linearly. Depending on the soil-climatic conditions of the cultivation center and the training system, it receives short, long or mixed pruning. Long or mixed pruning is applied to the beds, while short pruning is applied to the cups, especially in non-irrigated vineyards.

Adapts to different ecological conditions but prefers cool, deep, moisture-retentive limestone soils in hilly areas. It inoculates successfully on R 110, Ru 140 and 1103P rootstocks, but has problems with 41B. When it is formed in a bed it is more sensitive to powdery mildew and powdery mildew fungi. The yields in grapes depend on the training system, the fruiting, but also the other growing conditions and ranges from 2 tons/acre in the cups, to 4 tons/acre in the linear ones, while in the beds it reaches 2 tons/acre.

The commercial ripening of the grapes is staggered, depending on the region and the cultivation operations, from the beginning of September to the end of October. The grapes of the Razaki variety show a great capacity for preservation and transport and for this reason it is considered the best commercial variety. The largest quantities of grapes produced in Greece are exported to European countries.