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Crossing of Sultanina, Cardinal and other varieties.Technological details A seedless table vine... Flame Seedless (Vitis vinifera) Crossing of Thompson Seedless, Cardinal and many other Vitis vinifera varieties. It produces large clusters of medium-sized red grapes with a sweet taste.However, its good qualities, crisp tasty especially disease resistance, sweetness and long shelf life make it a very good table grape. It has fast growth. The grape takes on a deep red copper color, ripening on the plant.

It does not ripen after they are cut. Morning grape ripens around the middle of August. The sugar content of grapes at normal maturity is from 16 to 18% and the TA is 6-6.5 g / l It is mainly intended for the production of raisins and less for fresh consumption due to the small grains . The resulting raisins taste good