Olive of Halkidiki

  • Olive of Halkidiki

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Βάρος: 3.00 Kg

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Product description

This particular variety produces green cylindrical-conical fruits. The average weight of the fruit varies between 6 to 12 gr, with an average of 120-140 fruits weighing one kilogram. This is why they are harvested when they are green and thus cannot be used as a black table olive. This variety grows in all soils, even in barren stony ones. However, like the other varieties, it performs much better in relatively fertile soils that retain moisture. It prefers a soil pH of 7-8, but it also tolerates slightly acidic soils, also showing good resistance to soil salinity. Chalkidiki table olives are characterized by a large fruit size with a large ratio of flesh to core, with a bright green-green-yellow color.

Sowing season: Autumn, Spring