Avocado Hass™

  • Avocado Hass™

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Product description

Grafted avocado in a large pot 16*36cm. It was released on the market in 1960 and is today the most consumed variety worldwide. It can reach 10-15 meters in height and produce millions of flowers. FLOWER: type A (one day the female part of the flower opens and the next afternoon the male). TASTE: it is one of the most flavorful varieties due to the high percentage of fat it contains. It reminds of nuts. NUTRITIONAL VALUE: Vitamins B and E. FRUIT: about 300 g, dark green to black.

FLOWERING: only once a year, the period of which is during spring, from its beginning to its middle. Depending on the thermal accumulation and the variety, the time required to mature is up to 11 months. MATURATION: can be kept on the tree for a few months without showing deterioration. This is what allows the harvest season to be extended.

BENEFITS: high concentration of oil that is very beneficial for reducing cholesterol, in order to protect the circulatory system. Thus, it is considered the most commercial variety or type, as well as the best known. FOR INDOOR SPACE: avoid excessive watering, as it creates root rot. In trees older than one year, use fertilizer every 3 months. OUTDOOR: prefer a well-drained, wind-sheltered location with plenty of sun exposure. It is not resistant to frost. Plant between March and June. Water requirements decrease after the 1st year of the tree's life. FERTILIZER: usually needs calcium and sulphur.