Black Sapote ®

  • Black Sapote ®

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Product description

It is often called "chocolate pudding" and is closely related to the Lotus (black persimmon). It comes from Mexico and the lowlands of Central America. Some have both male and female flowers while others are exclusively male and have a strong gardenia-like scent.

  • HEIGHT: can be over 25 meters.
  • LEAVES: shiny, dark green, 10 to 30 cm.
  • FRUIT: almost round, green and shiny at first. As it ripens, the smooth, thin skin turns green. The pulp is shiny, dark-brown, almost black, jelly-like, soft. Its texture and color go perfectly with boiled plums. In the center, there may be a few seeds, but the fruit is often seedless. The fruits are created in 3 years.
  • TASTE: very sweet.
  • USE: can be served as a dessert with a little milk, sour cream or orange juice poured over it. With the addition of lemon juice, it can be used as a filling for pies and other sweets. The pulp can be mixed with orange juice or milk and nutmeg or wine, cinnamon and sugar, and served with or without whipped cream. A frothy, delicious drink is made by mixing the pulp with canned pineapple juice. In Central America, the fruit is made into a liqueur.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: can withstand light frost and short periods of flooding. It has wide adaptability to different types of soil. It thrives in moist loamy soil, well-drained sand or even limestone