Caturra coffee tree

  • Caturra coffee tree

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ARABICA variety. The coffee tree, as the coffee tree is scientifically called, is an exotic plant that we can grow both in the garden and in a pot on the balcony. Coffee beans are the seeds of the fruit of the coffee tree and they look a lot like cherries, due to their round shape and red color when they are ripe. The coffee tree has characteristic green glossy oblong leaves, grows relatively quickly and can reach 5-10 meters in height.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: it cannot withstand excessive cold and, in general, at low temperatures its growth slows down, as well as it is not resistant to temperature changes that can cause its leaves to fall. For planting the coffee tree in the soil, we choose a sunny position so that it thrives and gives us good production. SOIL: slightly acidic soils and good drainage. When preparing the soil, before planting the coffee tree, we add well-digested manure or compost to enrich the soil with nutrients. PLANTING SPACES: 2 meters between planting lines and 1.5 meters between planting positions within the line.

CULTIVATION IN POTS: position protected from wind and frost. We will need a fairly large pot with a diameter and height of 40 x 40 cm that has drainage holes. The coffee tree when planted in a pot can reach a height of up to 2 meters and can be planted outside on the balcony in a semi-shaded place or even inside the house in a bright place that does not get hit by the direct rays of the sun. As for the soil, we choose a general-purpose potting soil, rich in nutrients

IRRIGATION: frequent watering during the first stages of its development. In the summer season, both excessive humidity and lack of water can create problems for the coffee tree, so watering twice a week is enough. LUBRICATION: once a month during spring and summer. We choose fertilizer with a high content of nitrogen and potassium and much less phosphorus. If we have a coffee tree in a pot, it is good to add liquid fertilizer for fruit trees every 2 weeks.