Feijoa Coolidge™

  • Feijoa Coolidge™

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Βάρος: 2.00 Kg

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Product description

Feijoa sellowiana 'Coolidge' is an early maturing self-fertile with very large, dark green, tasty fruit. It is a tropical plant resistant to the cold, even in mountainous Greece.

Feijoa (Acca) sellowiana is known as pineapple guava. It is an attractive shrub or small tree with beautiful grey-green, evergreen foliage with white undersides. Its , tropical flowers are white with red accents with edible petals that taste like cotton candy. The delicious fruits that follow taste like mint and pineapple. The variety 'Coolidge' is self-fertile. The very large, dark green fruits are delicious and produced in abundance.

Common name: Pineapple Guava