Grumichàma (Brazilian Cherry)

  • Grumichàma (Brazilian Cherry)
  • Grumichàma (Brazilian Cherry)
  • Grumichàma (Brazilian Cherry)

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Product description

Origin from southeastern Brazil. Eugenia brasiliensis

  • HEIGHT: up to 15 meters.
  • FLOWERS: small, organized in groups of 2-10, white in color.
  • LEAVES: at a young age they are red and later green FRUIT: small, apple-shaped. Dark purple to black color. It bears fruit in 3-4 years. Fruits appear 1 month after flowering (Summer).
  • TASTE: sweet and a little sour.
  • USE: eaten raw, but often used to make jams and sweets.
  • RESISTANCE: to light frosts and short periods of drought.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: need for exposure to the sun before flowering and presence of shade later.