Guava Pink Taiwan ®

  • Guava Pink Taiwan ®

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Product description

As is obvious, her origin is from Taiwan.

  • TASTE: sweetest of all guavas. AROMA: intense, as it is considered one of the most aromatic fruits in the world.
  • HEIGHT: 2-3 meters in a pot and 4-5 in the ground.
  • FRUIT: pear-shaped and yellow, pink or red in color.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: growth from sandy soils to heavy clay soils. Drought and salinity tolerance as it can be planted even in coastal areas. It is sensitive to low temperatures and strong north winds that can cause significant damage to its foliage. In general, guava needs a warm climate to grow and bear fruit.
  • PLANTING SPACES: 6 meters between seedlings and 6-7 meters between planting lines
  • IN POTS: diameter of at least 50 cm and will bear fruit although it has a smaller growth.
  • IRRIGATION: it does not require much water to give us production. But regular watering during the hot summer season will enhance its production and fruiting both qualitatively and quantitatively.