Paulownia tomentosa

  • Paulownia tomentosa

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HEIGHT: up to 18 meters. LEAVES: large, for shade. FLOWERING: flowering is intense and occurs in April-May. USE: for timber (cutting every 8-10 years). PLANTING DISTANCES: 1 X 2m, with 500 trees per hectare. If the plants are intended for timber: 3m X 3.5m, with 100 plants per acre. PLANTING PERIOD: November-March. ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: tolerates temperatures from -18°C to +40°C. Grows in many types of soil, sandy, loamy, gravelly with good drainage. The best pH is between 5.5-7.5 and it grows at an altitude of up to 1000m. Irrigation necessary in the first years. PRUNING: cutting off lateral shoots in order to facilitate the growth of upright and straight shoots.