Surinam Cherry ®

  • Surinam Cherry ®

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Product description

It is called Eugenia uniflora or Surinam cherry. It comes from Suriname, French Guiana, southern Brazil, Uruguay. In the temperate zone, the plant is grown in pots for its attractive foliage and bright fruit.

  • USE: it is cultivated mainly as a hedge, while the fruits are especially eaten by children.
  • HEIGHT: 7.5 meters.
  • LEAVES: opposite, copper when young and dark green when ripe. They turn red in a cold, dry winter. They are oval in shape, 4-6.25 cm long.
  • FRUIT: The skin is thin and the flesh is orange-red.
  • TASTE: sweet and slightly bitter.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: it also grows at an altitude of 1800 meters. The young plants cannot withstand -2 o C, while the older ones show minor damage to the foliage at -5.5 o C. If it has well-developed roots, it tolerates dry heat periods. It grows in various types of soil.
  • RIPENING: 3 weeks after the flowers open. In Brazil, the plants bloom in September and the fruits ripen in October. they bloom again in December and January. In Florida and the Bahamas, there is a spring harvest, March or April to May or June. and a second, September to November, coinciding with the spring and autumn rains.
  • YIELD: in India they give 2.7-6 kg per plant.