Autumn Giant ™

  • Autumn Giant ™
  • Autumn Giant ™
  • Autumn Giant ™

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Βάρος: 3.00 Kg

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Product description

The Autumn Giant Plum tree is a Sino-Japanese plum variety that has proven interesting for its rustic appearance and late ripening.

Moderately vigorous tree, with normal growth, rustic and with good productivity.

The fruit of the Autumn Giant Plum, very large, is round or slightly heart-shaped with a bright yellow skin and a bright pink, almost red, color throughout.

The pulp has a bright yellow color, firm, not very juicy, with a delicate and distinct taste.

Maturity September 25.

Self-sterile variety of plum. Recommended pollination varieties are: Friar, Santa Rosa and Black Amber.

Plant in pot imported from Italy grafted on Myrobalan (Prunus cerasifera).