Sweet Kristin

  • Sweet Kristin

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Product description

Sweet Christine is a late ripening red-fleshed variety. It belongs to the category of red-fleshed vanilla (plumegranate = plum pomegranate). It comes from a random seedling of the program to discover new varieties of the Israeli company Ben-Dor. As a tree, it has a semi-orthobranch behavior and medium growth. It can thrive in areas with few or many hours of cold. It blooms in mid-late season and has abundant flowering. The fruit has a large size of 55/70mm and a spherical shape. Sweet Christine is quickly entering production which fluctuates at high levels every year. Its taste is good, slightly acidic and very sweet (Brix: 21).

The color of the fruit on the outside is dark purple-black. Internally the color is deep red. It has good hardness and is easily handled by producers. It can be preserved for up to 40 days in simple refrigeration facilities with almost no degradation of the quality of the fruit.