Red Livermore 10/12/2022

  • Red Livermore 10/12/2022

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Product description

The red walnut - Red Livermore or Robert Livermore - was selected in 1991 at the University of California, Davis. These walnuts were crossed from Howard variety (female parent) and Purpurea variety (male parent), a Persian red variety. It is a self-fertile variety, but for higher productions it is joined with Franquette and Chandler. 900 chill hours (USDA 8).

Germination 2 days after Chandler.

Flowering occurs in 3 stages - starts around April 21st, peak flowering is on April 26th and last flowering - on average May 1st (depends on the geographical area).

Red Livermore blooms protandria, so the male flowers bloom earlier than the females.

The almost round nuts reach an average weight of 14.8 g and a uniform size of about 3.5 cm in diameter (average 37.8x35.0x31.9 mm). Acrocarpi. It ripens in early October.

Resistant to late frosts, carbonization and bacterial attacks