• Vairo

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Βάρος: 1.00 Kg

Διαθεσιμότητα: Άμεση αποστολή παραγγελίας


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Μαζί με την Soleta® θεωρούνται το μέλλον της αμυγδαλιάς.

• Tree vigour: very vigorous. Its vigour allows to maintain an optimum balance
between production and vegetative growth.
• Foliage density: medium.
• Growth habit: medium.
• Branching density: medium.
• Trainingp g and pruning: very y eas .
• Nuts location: mainly on spurs, but also on brindles and on one-year old shoots.
• Blooming time: late (similar to ‘Guara’ and ‘Glorieta’). At Mas de Bover 26 days after
‘Desmayo Largueta’ (average of 12 years observations).
• S compatibility genotipe: S9Sf
• Pollination: self-fertile cultivar. Cross-pollination unneeded. Self-compatible cultivar,
with a good autogamous level (capable to produce in isolated conditions).
• Pollinators: to foster cross-pollination (advisable practice, even for self-fertile cultivars),
could be combined in the orchard with ‘Constantí, ‘Glorieta’, ‘Francolí’, ‘Guara’, etc.
• Blooming density: high.
• Length of blooming: medium.
• Bearing precocity: precocious.
• Cropping capacity: very high.
• Cropping regularity: good. Low alternate bearing.
• “Fusicoccum” (Phomopsis amygdali Del.) tolerance: tolerant.
• “Red leaf blotch” (Polystigma ochraceum Whal.) tolerance: very tolerant.
• Harvesting season: early (at the second half of August at Mas de Bover).
• Harvesting ease: good. At maturity nuts keep attached to their branches and, when
shaking, they drop easily.
•  The husk is separated easily from the shell.
• Nut shape: cordate.
• Kernel size: medium (1,2 g).
• Shelling percentage: 29 %.
• Shell texture Shell texture: hard.
• Double kernels: without doubles (0,1 %).
• Kernel appearance: attractive. Skin smooth and clear, without shrinkels.
• Blanched kernel composition: oil: 52,7 %; protein: 24,5 %;
soluble sugars: 3,0 %; total fiber: 9,0 %; water: 4,6 %.
‘Vairo’ shows some outstanding traits. It is highly productive due to its considerable bearing intensity and vigour. Self-fertile, with
good autogamous level. Late blooming. Easy to train and prune. Produces good kernels. It is tolerant to “fusicoccum” and “red leaf
blotch”. Cross-pollination can be fostered using ‘Constantí’ or other cultivars having similar blooming time (‘Glorieta’, ‘Francolí’,
‘Guara’, etc).