Galiwa CH101™

  • Galiwa CH101™

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Βάρος: 1.00 Kg

Διαθεσιμότητα: Άμεση αποστολή παραγγελίας


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Περιγραφή προϊόντος

Origin : cross of Gala x scab resistant selection, ACW (Switzerland) and INRA (France)
Breeder : Agroscope
Licence holder : Varicom
Picking date : 2 to 3 days before Golden Delicious
Fruit size : 75/85
Uses : this sweet, very aromatic scab resistant variety with very good storage potential is perfectly suited for organic farm shops. However, it requires several picks to optimize colouring


Blossom date : 3 days before Golden Delicious
Pollinator : Topaz, Ariane, Dalinbel, Goldrush® Coop 38, Story® Inored, Malus Perpetu® Evereste, Malus Golden Gem, Malus Baugène
Triebwachstum : type III (Golden Delicious), open tree
Short pruning particularly suits the variety
Vigour : average
Time till first cropping / yields : rapid / average to good yields
Susceptibility to alternate bearing / thinning : not very susceptible / as Golden Delicious
Susceptibility / resistance to diseases : resistant to the common scab strains (gen Vf / Rvi6)


Skin / shape : bicoloured, blushed purple red on a yellow background
Flesh / taste : - very firm, juicy; sweet and very aromatic
Storage potential : February in cold store, May / June in CA storage